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May 17, 2017

Get Out and Do it

by duncanr

one of the enemies of democracy is apathy

we have an election in a few weeks to elect a new government in the UK

here, Jonathan Pie – in his inimitable style – exhorts folk to exercise their right to vote

March 18, 2017

67, 68, 69 . . .

by duncanr

Bugger, I’ve lost count

there are some concerns about the accuracy of a count at a polling station in the recent elections in the Netherlands stemming from fears the counters may have been distracted by a video screened on the wall of the counting room –

November 9, 2016

Trump : Free BJ Offer

by duncanr

nice try, girls . . .

but clearly your offer wasn’t appealing enough to influence the vote

October 10, 2016

Vote Trump – Make America Hated Again

by duncanr

tongue-in-cheek** British PSA encouraging americans to vote Trump for President

** I felt the need to put ‘tongue-in-cheek’ since it is clear from youtube comments that a lot of folk didn’t recognise this video as an attempt at humour

June 18, 2015

Barry Sheerman Loses the Plot

by duncanr

barry sheermandescribed in this Huffington Post article [ ] as a ‘veteran’ Labour MP (‘veteran’ in this context apparently being code for ‘senile old git’), Barry Sheerman bizarrely argued against allowing 16-17 yr olds a vote in the promised referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU on the grounds that allowing them to do so would make them more vulnerable to sexual predators

no evidence was presented to support this claim, nor any explanation offered of the causal link between these two events – unless the senile old git ‘veteran’ MP was suggesting giving 16-17 yr olds the vote would encourage them to engage in politics, with the consequent increased risk of encountering paedophile politicians ?

May 24, 2015

Irish Ayes are Smiling

by duncanr

marriageand no wonder!

September 25, 2013

Labour Plan to Lower Voting Age

by duncanr

votingLabour leader, Ed Miliband is proposing to extend the vote to 16 and 17 yr olds in UK elections – though this might not be the vote-winning ploy he hoped it might be

According to a poll in the Huffington Post, 60% of those who responded believe 16yr olds are too immature to be trusted with the vote –

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 04.28.02

Odd logic here, innit?

16yr olds in the UK can get married, have sex, become a parent

Which requires the greater maturity – raising a child or casting a vote ?

September 1, 2013

Obama Running Scared on Syria?

by duncanr

obamaIn a surprise move, Barack Obama has announced he will seek Congressional approval for his plan to attack Syria – though he has no need to do so, and did not seek such authorisation when he ordered attacks on Libya

So why has he done so?

Given the US public appears as much, if not more, against interfering in Syria than the UK public, and Congress has not been particularly supportive of Obama in the past, this seems a risky manoeuvre

Or perhaps, having boxed himself into a corner, he is hoping that . . .

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August 30, 2013

F*ck You, Cameron

by duncanr

cameron and eggThe message from opinion polls is very clear – 2/3rds of UK public polled are against any British military intervention in Syria

Despite this, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been pushing for the UK to join the USA in ‘limited’ military strikes against Syria.

Yesterday, in a vote in the House of Commons, however, members of his own political party joined opposition MPs in voting against any UK attack on Syria

Some sanity, at last – the last thing we need is another Messianic Christian leader (spouting about ‘moral duty’) dragging us into another foreign ‘adventure’ without any thought of the likely repercussions

More here –

September 26, 2011

Saudi Women can Vote – What Next ?

by duncanr

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for Saudi men.

In what can only be described as a ‘moment of madness’, King (aff his heid) Abdullah inexplicably announced that, in a break from tradition, Saudi women would henceforth be allowed to stand for and vote in future elections

While Saudi women were understandably euphoric . . .

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