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November 25, 2011

Extreme Shopping

by duncanr

Anyone who has ever been to a jumble sale knows better than to get in the way of women in search of a bargain. When it comes to close-combat fighting and the use of fingers, elbows and feet to disable a rival, they could teach the SAS or Navy Seals a thing or two !

It comes as no surprise (to me at least) then, that at the sales that traditionally follow Thanksgiving Day in the USA a woman in Los Angeles has pepper sprayed rival bargain hunters at a Wal-Mart store so she could grab the electrical goods she was after

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July 27, 2011

Wal-Mart Sued over “Stolen” Chicken Necks

by duncanr

Mary Hill Bonin and her husband used the self check-out facility at the Adamsville Wal-Mart on July 1, 2007. When a $2.90 pack of chicken necks wouldn’t scan, they called an assistant for help. Assured the chicken necks had rung up, they were taken aback to be accosted by a Security guard as they were leaving the store and accused of stealing the bones.

They pointed to . . .

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