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March 23, 2012

No Cheap Booze for You Lot !

by duncanr

David Cameron is seriously misguided

Not my words (as you might have expected) but those of British Retail Consortium food director, Andrew Opie

What’s he on about? – the UK Government’s plan to introduce a minimum selling price for alcohol in England and Wales

Mr Cameron thinks by making alcohol more expensive, this will curb binge drinking and end the sight of drunken louts in town centres of an evening

See –

[Hhmm, I think retailers in Scotland will do a roaring trade as hordes of folk in England and Wales make a run across the border to stock up on cheap booze denied them at home] 😆

July 28, 2009

Poo Canoe attempts to cross Channel

by duncanr

sheep2A couple of enterprising Welshman (who else? 🙄 ) have found something new to do with sheep.

Lawrence Toms and Lez Paylor – make paper from sheep poo.

Now, to publicise their product, and raise money for the Wales Air Ambulance, they are going to attempt to row across the Channel in a canoe made from Sheep’s Poo Paper.

Lez and Lawrence estimate there are around 12 million sheep in Wales. Their aim is to gather enough sponsorship at 1p for every 10 sheep to raise £120k

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So next time you’re driving through Wales and you spot some men in Wellies in amongst a flock of sheep – it’s not what you think.

It’s not their ‘oats’ they’re out to get – it’s the Sheep’s Poo !!!