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May 15, 2016

Ouch !

by duncanr

March 5, 2016

Another Brick in . . . (Medieval Cover)

by duncanr

May 1, 2014

It’s Not Easy Being Blind

by duncanr


Pic source – pleated-jeans

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June 26, 2013

Man does Involuntary No 2 while doing a No 1

by duncanr

peeing manWhen a man’s got to ‘go’, he just has to ‘go’

Sometimes, though, there are dangers of ‘going’ when one needs to ‘go’

Some of these dangers are knowable, e.g., public shame and embarrassment if observed by other people whilst engaged in the act of ‘going’ and/or the risk of being apprehended by the police if they should catch you ‘going’ in a public place

Other perils, however, are unknowable, and for that reason, all the more dangerous –

January 17, 2013

Lubricant Eases Woman’s Passage

by duncanr

Firefighters in Oregon cut a ‘window’ in a stone wall and applied lubricant to pull a woman free after she became wedged in an 8-10″ gap between two buildings. Initial reports suggest the woman was having a fly fag on the roof of one of the buildings when she slipped and fell into the gap separating that building from the one next door