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November 2, 2017

How to Train a Wife

by duncanr

been married twice – never got either of my wives to do this!

where was this book when I needed it ?

July 25, 2017

Murder over Chapatis

by duncanr

ghee, I think masala, it would tikka lot more than the shape of her chapatis – (that’s not a euphemism) – to drive most men to this extreme

perhaps she had a big ghobi, was giving him a raita mouthful and what started with a chat led to a big biryani ?

June 15, 2017

That wasn’t supposed to happen!

by duncanr

a desperate man’s cunning plan to escape from his wife was foiled by a cruel sadistic judge

full story here –

April 20, 2017

Caption this . . .

by duncanr

October 20, 2016

Extreme Makeover

by duncanr

frightened-manI’m going to be cowardly prudent and make no comment on this story . . .


September 26, 2016

Best Wife Ever?

by duncanr

wife to the rescue after husband leaves house for work without his packed lunch . . .

September 8, 2016

Man Commits Crime to Escape Wife

by duncanr

nagging-wife‘bigamy’ is having one wife too many

for 70 yr old Lawrence John Ripple ‘monogamy’ feels pretty much the same . . .

July 28, 2016

Eeny, Meeny . . .

by duncanr

puzzled man2sometimes nothing a man does is going to be right – especially if it involves women

this guy was in a no-win situation whatever he did –

May 13, 2016

Is it a Bird – Is it a Plane?

by duncanr

wife stuck up mastNo, it’s the Wife !

Robert and Sandra Clemons are sailing their yacht up the coast from Florida to Maine

while moored at a North Carolina marina, Robert hoisted his wife to the top of the 50 foot mast to do some maintenance but when she wanted to come down the crafty bugger he told her . . .

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March 31, 2016

Wife Hitches Lift from Husband

by duncanr

angry womanon roof of carfollowing an argument with his wife in a bar, a man decided to leave her there and drive home on his own

6 miles later, he was pulled over by a cop wanting to know what a woman was doing clinging to the roof of the car and shouting obscenities –

[hhmmm, going to take more than flowers or chocolates to get back in his wife’s good books, I think – going to be hard to convince her he didn’t know she was there and thought that knocking sound as she hammered on the roof was his big end going] 😆

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