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December 1, 2018

Frisky Foxes

by duncanr

a couple of foxes enjoying the snow in a Wolverhampton back garden Dec last year . . .

December 31, 2009

Thumbs Down for Wolverhampton

by duncanr

Oh Dear ! Not exactly what City officials trying to attract new businesses and visitors wanted to hear – Wolverhampton (pronounced – Woolver’amptin) has been voted the 5th most horriblest city in the World in an online poll.


* Detroit, Michigan
* Accra, Ghana
* Seoul, South Korea
* Los Angeles, USA
* Wolverhampton, England
* San Salvador, El Salvador
* Chienna, India
* Arusha, Tanzania
* Chetumal, Mexico

Mr Malcolm Gwinnett, Deputy Mayor of Wolverhampton, disputes the results of this poll – “Wolverhampton is a lovely place to live in many parts . . . we have fantastic events in the city, one of the best theatres in the region, a great gallery and lots of outdoor events throughout the year.”

[He might also have mentioned that Wolverhampton hosts my place of work]***

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*** the fact I work from home in Birmingham rather than commute to the office in Wolverhampton has got Nothing to do with this poll !!! 😳